A virtual GLO is your personal photo booth for events and a marketing solution that engages and connects people all over the world.

What is a virtual photo booth?

 Virtual Photo Booth is an online (cloud-based) photo technology that captures photos from anyone -anywhere with one click!

When you use Virtual Glo, we give you a customized link for you and your guest.

How Does It Work?

The Virtual GLO is a browser-based virtual photo booth for remote teams, virtual events, conferences, and more, allowing users to take photos in a virtual photo booth experience just like they would at a traditional booth at an event.  However, this time, you can use ANY device from Anywhere!

Take A Selfie!

Click the customized link, and take a selfie or upload a photo from your library. You can use any device and be anywhere!

Pick A Template

We customized the entire event to sync with your brand and color.  To make it more fun, pick your template, and add some digital props.

Share Your Photo

The Virtual GLO will attach your photo to the customized template and post your photo to the gallery. Or you can share it with your friends.

No matter where you are, you can be a part of the photo fun, with any device.

The Virtual GLO is perfect for parties, special events, and corporate events.

Click the link below, and get ready to POSE!